Use postcards in a variety of ways

Postcards get noticed because recipients don't have to open a piece of mail to see your message. With complete design control of the front and back, it's a format that lets you drive results for dozens of usecases. We've provided some examples to inspire you.

Reach a local audience

Common uses Mailjoy to promote their co-living residences to people in a specific area.

Common Postcard

Acquire new customers

Giggster uses Mailjoy to reach property owners who could list their residence on Giggster so film companies can pay to rent it.

Giggster Postcard

Promote an event

WACDL uses Mailjoy to send personalized event invitations to a curated list of desired attendees.

WACDL Postcard

Other ways to use direct mail postcards

Promote a sale

Surprise your best customers with a special discount code during your next sale.

Win back customers

Reengage customers who've unsubscribed from your product by offering them a discount.

Market real estate opportunities

Send personalized postcards with data on the property your're mailing to.

Send thank you and holiday messages

Delight your customers by sending them a personalized card. They'll appreciate it.

Craft a personal welcome

Send personalized messages to welcome new customers to your product or service.

Run multi-channel marketing campaigns

Reach customers in your next marketing campaign through email and mail simultaneously.

Bring your campaign idea to life

Mailjoy offers tons of postcards templates to help you get started

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