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Why Direct Mail?


of marketers agree that physical direct mail provides better ROI than email


higher response rates are achieved using physical direct mail over email


higher response rates can be reached by combining direct mail with email

Data from the 2022 State of Direct Mail study conducted by Lob and Comperemedia

Promote a sale

Promote a sale

Surprise your best customers with a special coupon code during your next sale.

Win back customers

Win back customers

Reengage customers who've unsubscribed from your product by offering them a discount.

Market real estate

Market real estate opportunities

Send personalized real estate postcards with data on the property your're mailing to.

Send thank you notes

Send thank you and holiday messages

Delight your target audience by sending them a personalized card. They'll appreciate it.

Craft a personal welcome

Craft a personal welcome

Send personalized direct mail to welcome new customers to your product or service.

Run multi-channel campaigns

Run multi-channel marketing campaigns

Reach customers in your next marketing campaign through email and mail simultaneously.

We needed a cost-effective, self-service tool to send personalized mail to our customers. With Mailjoy, I can do all of this and more by myself in less than five minutes per campaign. We now handle the majority of our mail through Mailjoy. 

Conrad Magalis, Marketing manager at Advance Accept

Why Mailjoy?

Why Mailjoy?

Use postcards and letters to grow revenue and delight customers

Compared to digital channels, mail is an unsaturated channel that until today has been generally inaccessible and lacked personalization. Mailjoy is the tool to reach customers or prospects with mail that's relevant and timely to them. Start by customizing any of our free postcard and letter templates.

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Mailjoy Features

An easy, self-service direct mail tool with powerful features

Mailjoy provides a ton of features to help you create mailing lists from your contacts, design beautiful direct mail postcards and letter mailers, track the results, and integrate with other tools you already use. Sending a campaign takes only minutes. Use Mailjoy for a single campaign or make it a part of your marketing toolkit.

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Measure your campaign performance

Measure your campaign performance

Mailjoy provides recipient-level delivery tracking, conversion tracking, customer attribution, and the ability to get notified the moment a conversion happens - using unique per-mailer URLs and QR codes.

We've made sending direct mail as trackable and smart as email. Never send another direct mail campaign without the ability to track your return on investment again.

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How it works
Mailjoy: Professionally printed. Mailed fast

Professionally printed. Mailed fast

We professionally print each postcard (UV coated front; double sided) and letter in full color. Each mailer is mailed within two business days via First Class postage to ensure delivery occurs within 2-4 business days of mailing.

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How it works
Features Features Features
Mailjoy Integrations

Save time by integrating Mailjoy with the tools you already use

Mailjoy integrates with many apps that you are already using for your marketing efforts, e-commerce and payment platforms, and more. You can use these integrations to create automated workflows, keeping your contacts and prospects in sync with your Mailjoy, and saving you time when setting up your mailer campaigns.

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Features Features Features
Mailjoy Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions

Can you send me a sample?

Because Mailjoy is self-service and so simple to use, we don't send samples. Sign up for Mailjoy for free and create a sample campaign to send to yourself in a matter of minutes. Yes, it's really that easy!

What's the difference between direct mail postcards and letters?

Postcards are our most affordable mailer type and are the perfect addition to your marketing strategy when you want to send postcards online, as your message is immediately visible. Direct mail letters are our newest mailer type. These personalized letter mailers come stuffed inside of an envelope.

How do you compare to a traditional print shop?

We're the exact opposite of a traditional print shop. We're built for modern marketers who want a powerful self-service tool to create, manage, and track your direct mail marketing campaigns. Mailjoy also integrates with your other marketing tools and offers simple on-demand pricing.

How does pricing work?

No mystery pricing that requires a quote. No design fees. No list cleanup fees. No setup fees. You only pay for each piece of mail you send (print, first-class postage, and tracking included). You may also choose to upgrade to a credit plan which includes a monthly allocation of discounted mailer credits.

So your templates and design software are free?

Yes! The Mailjoy platform and all of its functionality are free to use. We only charge you per mailer when you're ready to send off a direct mail marketing campaign.

Do you have enterprise pricing?

For companies who send a lot of mail or have large mailing lists to sync with Mailjoy, we offer enterprise plans which feature lower mailer costs, more functionality, and an API. Please contact us to learn more.

Happy customers

Adam Steinberg
"We wanted an easy way to send direct mail for our business without having to devote substantial resources towards it. Mailjoy was a perfect fit."
Adam Steinberg, Founder @ Fetch
Eliam Medina
"We use Mailjoy to send personalized postcards to potential customers. Designing and sending a campaign is incredibly easy. Their customer service is excellent too!"
Eliam Medina, CEO @ Willing

Send personalized direct mail as easily as email

Mailjoy is direct mail for a digital age

Direct Mail Benefit Design

Personalize each mailer

Use our design tool or upload your own design. Personalize each mailer with any data.

Direct Mail Benefit Upload

Upload your recipients

Import your recipients' addresses and we'll validate them.

Direct Mail Benefit Track

Track delivery

We provide delivery tracking so you know when each mailer arrives.

Direct Mail Benefit Print

Print and mail fast

We print and mail with First Class postage within two business days.

Direct Mail Benefit Minimums

No volume minimums

With no minimums, you can A/B test campaign ideas easily and affordably.

Direct Mail Benefit Pricing

Transparent pricing

You only pay per mailer which includes print, postage, and tracking. No other fees.

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Start quickly. Look professional.

Customize any of our free beautiful templates with your details, and get your campaign sent of in a matter of minutes.

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