Direct mail is now as easy as email marketing

Create mailing lists

Upload your recipients' addresses and organize them into mailing lists.

Design and personalize each letter

Use our design tool or upload your own design. Personalize each mailer with any kind of data.

Track delivery

We provide delivery tracking so you know when each mailer arrives.

Print and mail fast

We print and mail with First Class postage within two business days.

No volume minimums

With no minimums, you can A/B test campaign ideas easily and affordability.

Transparent pricing

You only pay per mailer which includes print, postage, and tracking. No other fees.

Mail your first campaign in minutes

Mailjoy is direct mail for modern marketers

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Engage with letters for prospective and existing customers

Promote a sale, announce an event, delight your customers with a thoughtful message, reengage inactive users, or reach out to prospects. The only limitation is your own creativity. Check out our free letter templates.

Mailjoy letters

Personalize every mailer with your data

You already send personalized emails, and now you can do it with mail too. With Mailjoy, any data you upload for your contacts can be used in your mailer design. Include things like names, custom urls, discount codes, product names, property values, or any data you have.

Letter Personalization

How do you compare to a traditional print shop?

No mystery pricing that requires a quote. No design fees. No list cleanup fees. No setup fees. We just charge a simple flat rate per mailer that includes everything. Completely self-service!

Is all functionality included?

Yes! The Mailjoy platform and its functionality are free to use. We only charge you per mailer when you're ready to send off a campaign.

Letters not your thing? We also offer postcards! Learn more.

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Why Mailjoy

Mail made simple

Design. Target. Send. Mailjoy is completely self-service. Using mail as a marketing channel has never been this simple or data-driven.

Lightning fast turnaround

Your campaign is shipped within two business days. For targeted campaigns, it'll arrive 2-4 business days later.

Scalable, transparent pricing

No pricing surprises. Our mailer costs include print and postage. The more you send, the lower your cost per mailer.

Full color letters delivered in envelopes

We only print high quality, full color letters. You have full design control. They're delivered in envelopes.

Personalize at scale

Personalize text and images on each mailer with your recipients' data to make them even more effective.

Tons of other features

Delivery tracking, contact management, proof sharing, and more! Mailjoy makes mail feel like an email marketing app.

Supercharge your growth with direct mail

Used by savvy marketers at 100's of brands and organizations

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