Blue House Postcard Template

4x6 real estate postcard

This 4x6 real estate postcard template is a fantastic tool for attracting the attention of potential property sellers. By utilizing this template, you can effectively communicate to your target audience about a property that you have recently sold in their neighborhood.

Mailjoy's powerful design editor makes it easy for you to personalize the template to align with your branding and marketing goals. With the ability to upload your customer list and track each postcard, Mailjoy streamlines the direct mail process, freeing up time for you to focus on what you do best – selling real estate. Whether you're a seasoned real estate agent or just starting out, this template is the perfect tool for generating interest from potential property sellers and closing more deals.

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We've designed free postcard templates like this one for you to use in your next postcard marketing campaign. You can customize each one in minutes with Mailjoy, a DIY tool to send personalized postcard campaigns.

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